Jerry Haskins otherwise known as “UrBarber Jerry” is an enthusiastic and customer service-oriented barber with over 10-plus-year track record of providing excellent barbering services to clients from different backgrounds and nationalities. He has secured a steady clientele throughout the years who appreciates his keen sense of style. His willingness to stay current with new barbershop phases and trends, as well as his ability to also remain true to the classic cuts bodes well for anyone wishing to look their very best.  Highly skilled in providing salon services pertinent to haircuts (designs), straight razor shaves, color and shear cuts, and respectful of ur time.  Proficient in carrying out sanitation procedures on equipment and while performing a procedure. A friendly individual who has a positive attitude, excellent communication skills.
When he’s not found in the barbershop, Jerry enjoys during the simple things in life; spending time with family and friends or simply riding his motorcycle with members of a local bike club.  Enjoys traveling whenever possible or simply a relaxing day watching his favorite football team the Baltimore Ravens play is what he enjoys the most.